At Siberian Centre we offer a course of treatments for patients with a  mastitis
Mastitis is a breast infection - the infection of the breast tissue. Mastitis is a bacterial infection that occurs when harmful bacteria infiltrate the breast tissue through a breached area of the nipple skin such as a scratch and/or cracks, then multiply within the fatty tissue of the breast. The bacteria may also enter the breast tissue through the small holes in nipple’s milk ducts. In most cases the source of harmful bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) is the surface of skin or the mouth of baby. After the bacteria infiltrate the body, it is multiplied causing redness and localized swelling of the breast and pain.
Mastitis usually only affects one breast and the symptoms often develop quickly.
Mastitis will not go away without treatment. If you have mastitis symptoms, you may need to call your doctor today. Prompt treatment helps keep infection from rapidly getting worse and usually improves symptoms after about 2 days.

Mastitis treatment
Treatment for mastitis usually includes:
  • Oral antibiotics to destroy the bacteria causing the infection
  • Regularly emptying the breast well by breast-feeding or pumping breast milk. Adequate emptying of the affected breast helps prevent more bacteria from collecting in the breast and may shorten the duration of the infection.
You can safely continue breast-feeding your baby or pumping breast milk to feed your baby during illness and treatment. Your baby is the most efficient pump you have for emptying your breasts. Your breast milk is safe for your baby to drink, because any bacteria in your milk will be destroyed by the baby's digestive juices.
 based on Reiki Therapy which is well-known for reducing an inflammation within the tissue. It also activates the body's natural self- healing ability and regeneration of damaged cells.
It’s none invasive method and no massage manipulations applied. Client stays fully clothed during 45 min session experiencing energy healing in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.
A course of 5-7 sessions (10-12 in severe cases) usually enough to eliminate the pain and inflammation and activate body’s natural self-healing ability.

It’s been tried and tested at our centre with great results.

This Program is not a substitute to medical procedures that patients have at medical facilities. It is complimentary to that and can be incorporated in all stages of patient's rehabilitation from the very first days being diagnosed with the condition. Especially, when the recovery process is "getting stubborn" and some complications have been developed.
 Single session fee - $50-00 for 30 min.
 Acute/Initial Stage 5-session course - $200-00 ($40-00 per session) paid in advance
 Chronic/Follow-up Stage by 10 session courses - $400-00 ($40-00 per session) paid in advance
 Hospital / home visits +$40-00 extra per visit
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