R E I K I   T H E R A P Y

Reiki therapy is a hands-on energy healing technique to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind.

Reiki is the best known relaxation technique and when we are relaxed our body takes care of itself to eliminate any stress or disease within itself.

Reiki boosts up the immune system and can be applied to any condition including asthma, insomnia, depression, headaches, stroke recovery, an injury and post-surgery rehabilitation.

It is complimentary to any kind of medical treatment of Eastern and Western medicine.

Most people with some kind of physical injury will feel relief from pain and inflammation after two or three sessions in a week, followed by a few more weekly treatments. For chronic symptoms, a greater number of treatments will often be required and can do no harm. In each session the person takes only as much of the energy as he/she needs or is able to absorb. Reiki is complementary to any kind of medical treatment and could be applied to any condition.

Although ancient in origin, Reiki is ultra-modern, being a form of the holistic 'energy medicine' of the future.
 ½ hour session - $40-00
 1 hour session - $70-00
 House/hospital calls - $110-00
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