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Sore Neck and Back massage
"I have suffered with various aches and pains for more than a year, which doctors could not diagnose. It all came to a head when I suffered almost crippling back pains. I went to Nikolai after pain medications had no effects on me - even steroids - and after one session had lower pain levels, and could walk more upright. The second session I walked into his office like a 90-year old, and walked out upright and in dramatically reduced pain. Bless you, Nikolai, for your gifts!"
Janis van der Laan, mob.:02108204019, diastellaZ@gmail.com
"I have been going to Nikolai for 10 sessions. I had a Syteclic Nerve damage to my back with constant pain. Nikolai has fixed this with his hands an are now free of pain. I would recommend him to be able to fix problems."
Trevor King
"I would like to provide a testimonial and recommendation for Nikolai for his excellent services over the past few months. I have been working down in Christchurch on a stressful project and visiting Nikolai each week for therapeutic massage. He is expertly skilled and knows exactly what to do and how to treat those aches and pains that always seem to accompany these stressful situations. Consequently I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for both realxation and tissue massage. Excellent!"
Bryan Whittaker, Auckland
"Having damaged my rotator cuff (shoulder) as a result of a work related injury, I have endured years of pain and restricted movement. Doctors had prescribed regular cortisone treatments, however these never seemed to fix the underlying problem and I was reluctant to continue. I was recommended to Nikolai by my son and after 7 treatments I am now completely free of pain and my mobility is fully restored. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nikolai’s Reiki massage to others."
Margaret Hunter, Christchurch
"I have had a number of massages at the Health Awareness Centre with Nikolai Gets and would thoroughly recommend his services for anyone seeking a very high quality, professional, therapeutic massage. After a number of sessions, headaches that I had suffered for years have dissapeared completely, muscle pain has eased and my energy levels are much higher. Nikolai is an experienced, knowledgeable professional and has improved my health in many ways. Mahy thanks Nikolai"
Jeanne Cokker, 19.01.2010
"Although initially sceptical, I realized after one treatment that I had benefited in relaxation and sleep. My back in a major pain over a large area and during the second and third treatments Nikolai was able to pinpoint specific areas of pain and work on these. After Reiki treatments I can report: - The backspinal pain has eased to the point where I have able to reduce the level of analgetics; - I’m getting back bladder sexual and bowel function; - I now sleep soundly; - There is a general improvement in my flexibility, moods etc."
Matthew, 34 y.o., Wellington
"...Treatment on my shoulder, which have troubled me for a number of years, has left me free of pain even after lifting weights… I would certainly continue to use this form of treatment after returning to Palmerston North if it is ever necessary."
Dianne, 55 y.o., Palmerston North
Reiki Therapy
"To whom it may concern. Three years ago I was diagnosed with bowel cancer of the colon. This was successfully treated with surgery and the cancer removed. Two years later the cancer came back in the prostrate and bowel. This produced rampant and uncontrolled bowel movement accompanied at times with diarrhoa. By this time my CEA blood test was 9.5.This time Oncology decided on Radium and Chemo therapy which was carried out 5 times a week for nearly 6 weeks. During and after this procedure my health declined and I lost a lot of weight and bowel problems got worse and not better. My cea had come down by this time to 5.9. Very soon after my last treatment we got in contact with Nicholai because my wife was looking for something to help her. On my first meeting with Nicholai I was very impressed with his manner and I was soon on a 10 day programme. This involved medication and hands on therapy to rebuild my reserves again as my immune system had taken a real battering with the R+C. Oncology failed to give me anything for this to be restored. After my first 10 sessions I felt so much better. Had more energy, needed less rest and needed less mad rushes to the bathroom. Then I had no hesitation to begin a second 10 week session and can say my health is back to almost normal with normal bowel periods and have good control. Previous blood tests revealed high OA levels between 9.5 and 5.9 indicating active cancer cells. the reading is now only 2.6 which is normal and indicates dormant cancer cells. Hence my level of health and well being is reinforced with healthy eating and weight increase of 5-6 KG. One of the secrets of the cancer receding is that Nicholai put me onto baking soda twice a day and monitoring my acid/alkali level. This is now a healthy 7 to 7.2 level. This is something I can continue to do.It is great to be alive again, thanks to Nicholai. In Good Health. Bob H"
Bob Hooker
"COMMENDATION FROM BILL WALLACE I would like to commend the proficiency of Nicolai Gets as a Reiki healer. In late November of 2013 I experienced a major kidney failure which had to be treated with dialysis. The medical staff at the Christchurch Public Hospital were impressed by my recovery from this life threatening condition. I attribute much of the excellent recovery which I made to the regular Reiki treatment by Nicolai over a period of several months. I feel sure that this combination of appropriate medical treatment and Reiki is a most effective way of healing many conditions. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Nicolai to anybody who is seeking healing from a combination of medical treatment and Reiki."
William Livingstone Wallace, Retired Methodist Minister, pathways@slingshot.co.nz
"...I'm writing this letter to thank you Tatiana for what you have done for me. I came to you with abdominal problems. Not only did you help me with that problem but you also helped me understand myself more. Through your help I have become more confident and have a better understanding of others. I would have no problem in sending anyone to you for either health or awareness treatment, I have never met anyone so understanding and so caring before..."
"I’ve had headaches from Sunday night - Monday morning for four days, I had one Reiki session for a head on Thursday p.m. No headache on Friday a.m. I have had this problem since motorcycle accident in 1980 which also left me with spinal injury. I’m thinking also to have more Reiki treatments for my spinal problems"
Allan, 43 y.o., Ashburton
Egyptian Facial Neuromuscular massage
"I received 12 treatments of Egyptian Facial Neuromuscular massage and my skin has become more luminous, and more radiant. My friends comment on how I look younger. My body feels more relax, especially after many aftershocks we’ve experienced. I can highly recommend this course of treatment at this time."
Nataly, Christchurch, 23/07/2011
After Stroke recovery
"...After all 9 massages I have a soft tummy & much more energy and focus. But what I found during these massages was that I went on an emotional roller coaster for the first two sets of 3 but by the third set I had "Calmed" down. It has been 10 days since my last massage and I am able to eat a wider variety of foods without the reactions of bloating, foul wind or the nns!! And best of all I am a happier and much "Sweeter" Mummy for my son and daughter. So I say Thank you and God Bless You!"
"...When I had my first session I was sceptical about what the Siberian Abdominal massage was and what benefits it would have for me, as I am trying to conceive. However after my first couple of massages I knew that it would benefit my health and also teach me more about my body. After nine sessions I feel like a new woman!! I feel healthier and many niggling health problems have gone. I have also cleared a lot of past emotions that were held in my abdominal area and look forward to a happy and healthy pregnancy. Thank you very much Tatiana, you are a very special person."
"...Following a couple of years to conceive and not being successful, we started to look at alternative methods of fertility treatment. Tatiana's abdominal massage was one of the methods that we came across and decided to try. Uncompleted 2 sets of eight one hour sessions of massage. I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and always got off the table with my body feeling like it was totally relaxed and buzzing with energy. It was a great relaxant at a very stressful time. With each massage there was less pain in my abdomen when massaged. Tatiana was a lovely person to be around at this time. She had a way of saying just what I need to hear, was an understanding and supportive person as well as being very encouraging and believing. We are now expecting our first baby in February. It was an experience I am happy to recommend."
Bridget Gould
Bell´s Palsy
"After checking with a doctor I under took the 15 session programme with Nikolai to assist in recovering from Bell palsy. I now have good facial structure and control with near full recovery of muscle and nerve performance. I enjoyed the sessions with Nicolai found his style relaxing and informative and I'm clearly pleased with where I am some two months after the event. .......Geoff'- 11.09.2018"
"I had Bell's Palsy whereby my face was partly paralysed and my eye affected as well. After only 10 treatments with Nikolai Gets all symptoms disapeared and I am so thankful. This combined with conventional medicine was a well recommended way to full recovery. Please call me on 03-3182897 if you need more information. Your's truly."
Yerry van Leeuwen
"After 12 sessions with Nikolai I can report: that my blood sugar level has dropped to a low of 4.8 - 7.0. I sleep better at nights now, better then before. I have also become more calm then ever before, I was always very angry with myself and with other people too. I have been able to cut down on my insulin from 7;6 to 4;3 units, I am a Diabetic. My sore spot on my left ankle is almost healed, I had a very bad ulcer there that could not get better, but thanks to Nikolai's healing hands I'm almost healed. I would recommend for anyone who is ailing, to come to him for healing. Thank you Nikolai doing what you did for me."
Juliet Labonte, 64 y.o.

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